What Is An Insurance Claim Appraisal?

Insurance Appraisal is a means of a binding alternative dispute resolution. Insurance Claim appraisal is a process by which you can get a disputed property damage insurance claim resolved! It is not simply accessing the damages! It is not the same as an art appraisal or real estate appraisal. It is not like art appraisal where the appraiser arrives at a value on art work for an estate or insurance coverage! It is not like a home appraisal where a real-estate appraiser after viewing comparable home sales arrives at a figure that a bank may loan you money.

Appraisal is not simply estimating the damage or providing an assessment of damages for a value!

Insurance Claim appraisal is a process when you have a property damage disputed insurance claim? Perhaps it might be better to think of insurance appraisal like an arbitration. Yet insurance claim appraisal is much different than arbitration.

What Do I Want To Consider Before Going To Appraisal?

After the insurance company says your property damage insurance claim is a covered loss under the insurance policy; and the insurance company makes a payment. Or the insurance company tells your insurance claim is less than your deductible. When (YOU) the policy holder does not agree with what the insurance company (PAID) valued for the insurance claim (SETTLEMENT) damages is the time to consider going to appraisal!

In Florida when the insurance company sends you a claim payment for your home, condominium, commercial property you can still dispute your insurance company offer of settlement. Receiving a payment from the insurance company does not mean your claim is properly settled and over or closed! As the Florida Insurance Companies wants you to believe? For Florida Hurricane Claims you have three years from the time you submitted your Hurricane claim to dispute your insurance settlement! In Florida you have five years to dispute a regular non hurricane insurance claim. Such as Water / Mold insurance claims, Fire / Smoke insurance claims, Vandalism / Theft insurance claims, Lightning Insurance Claims, Wind / Tornado / Hail Insurance Claims, etc.

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